Getting caught up.

I realized I haven’t written up my appointments this past Monday.  So, for the sake of completism, here I go…


Not much to say about it, really.  Fairly run-of-the-mill as these things go.  I went in at 10am to meet with the other nurse from the trial study, went over the consent form and signed it.  I am officially in the study now.  They ordered the med, which will be here by next Wednesday when I commence chemo, and randomized me into my study group.  Duuude, I feel totally RANDOM.  Har.


Had yet more blood drawn for labs.  The phlebotomist at the Carbone Center has a knack for leaving a sizeable bruise behind when he sticks me.  Oh well.  Then was sent upstairs for CT scan #2.  Had to drink two big cups of Crystal Light plus contrast material beforehand.  Urk.  Although I did finally sense the weird, warm flushing feeling in my core that they warned me of.  Mild but noticeable.  Scan went pretty fast.  Then I was sent up to get EKG #3.  That was done in about 5 minutes.  I was out of there by noon.  Not too bad.


This is the last slack period I’m gonna get before chemo starts.  I’m trying to get things squared away before then, in anticipation of being somewhat blown out by the drugs.  Today was pretty warm, so I was lulled into being lazy most of the day.  But tomorrow I will try again!  I’m definitely feeling the lack of energy, shortness of breath, and some joint achiness these days.  I still managed to evict the last of the day-lilies from our side bed, though.


I have to save myself for two important gigs before next week.  One is a money-maker, and the other is my band PROG (who play 70s British prog-rock favorites like Yes and Genesis).  PROG has been working on a double-album show for many, many months now, and I’m relieved that the timing of my treatment worked out so that I can play this show with no side-effects to worry about.  My singing may be somewhat compromised, but I’ll be playing my petootie off come Monday!


That’s about it for this round.  Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Getting caught up.

  1. And….I am sitting out on our porch and really appreciate that you were the one who built. Super love it. Thanks Gordon.

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