The Longest Day…



Today, I started chemo.  Went in early for more labs and to have my IV line placed.  Then saw Dr. Leal for awhile to get settled in.  Then it was off the the chemo infusion zone.  We lucked out and got a nice, big private room plus private bathroom, thank you very much.  They spent a couple of hours hooking me up and running saline flushes and anti-nausea drugs into me.  Then I took the study drug, Veliparib.  An innocuous little capsule, white with a little black stripe around it.  Will take it twice per day for 7 days.  IF I am taking the real thing, here’s hoping it brings the air-power we need to beat back the Hun!


Untitled-2 copy

Here comes Veliparib Squadron!


After all that, they started me on the two main drugs, Cisplatin and then Etoposide, plus a potassium booster.   All in all, we were there about 8 hours today.  We ordered lunch in from the cafeteria: spaghetti and salad for me, hummus plate and veggies for Jeanette.  I have to say, it was pretty decent eats, especially considering the source.  Kinda expensive, but satisfying.


Untitled-3 copy

A doomed cancer cell.  Auf wiedersehen, Fritz!


I felt today, and feel now, pretty normal.  Had a light dinner, and am now watching Leverage, a fun, mindless heist show, and a perfect come-down from a busy day.  Shorter sessions tomorrow and Friday, then I’m free until early June.  I was rather confused about the schedule for a long time, thinking it was three weeks of this and then one week off.  I thought I was going to be in that hospital all the time – thankfully not so!  Unfortunately, they are strongly recommending that I not play gigs for the first week or so after treatment, due to suppressed immune function and greater vulnerability to infections, which would be b-a-d.  I plan, however, to rock at the first opportunity.  Onward!



More stupid cancer cells...  YEAH, PUT THOSE HANDS UP HIGH, BED-WETTERS!!!


More soon…



7 thoughts on “The Longest Day…

  1. The red pill, or the white-pill-with-black-stripe? Enjoyed your battle metaphors, especially after just watching Nazi Mega-Weapons on PBS. Thanks for dispensing overwhelming doses of rawk Monday night with Prawg. Good vibrations, mon. Take care.

  2. I don’t know much about the military, so here goes,
    …I understnad there is a crossdresser named Klinger who is the company clerk. He is who you should see if you have any questions.

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