And things were going so well…

So, they warned me this might happen.  Chemo supresses the immune system, making one more vulnerable the opportunistic infection.  They said to call in if I felt any feverishness, which I started to last night.  So I drove over to the ER at the hospital to get checked out.  They ran the tests while I waited on a rather uncomfortable gurney in an ER bay.  Well, my numbers came back way too low for their liking, so they admitted me.


Welcome to my first hospital stay.  They plan to keep me here at least until Sunday afternoon.  If the antibiotics beat down the infection, and my blood count numbers improve to whatever they are looking for, then they’ll release me.  So far, it all seems to be working.  I feel a lot better than I did last night, and my temp has gone pretty much back to normal.  Just need that blood count to be happy.  Fingers crossed.  My main task will be to stave off boredom.  One can only watch just so much HGTV before one’s brain begins to leak out one’s ears.


Jeanette kindly brought in our little tablet so I could moan to you all about this today.  My brother Doug is assigned to bring me something interesting to read – a task I utterly trust to his good taste.  Had plenty of visitors today, which has been great.  Just need to reorient my head to make it to Sunday.


More soon…


2 thoughts on “And things were going so well…

  1. Oh man, sorry to hear that Gordon. Hospitals Su**. I hope your numbers get better Soon.. I’ll be thinking of you.
    Rock Deep,

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