Round Two, Day One.

Round Two, Day One?  How’d it go?  Well, not, that’s how.  For the simple reason that I’m finishing my course of anti-biotics, and they want me to clear that before they start assaulting me with more chemicals.  So, I’m re-scheduled for next Tuesday-Thursday instead.  No worries – my numbers are headed north and I feel OK.  Just the docs being super-safe.  Looks like they will also be adjusting my chemo dose down 25%, and adding some special sauce to help my white cells be all they can be.  All in all, I don’t mind the delay.  I didn’t relish the prospect of spending all day hooked up to an IV on my birthday, so instead, Jeanette and I ended up having a nice lunch out.


So, I shall spend the next week improving my counts, and getting ready for the *real* round two on Tuesday.  AND, I can play my gigs this weekend with no apprehensions about rubbing shoulders with the Great Unwashed.  I’ll just be spraying everyone I see with Purell instead!


More to come…


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