Day One, Round Three.

Just got home from the first day of chemo – round three.  Everything went very smoothly, the staff is great, no complaints at all. 


Yesterday I had my follow-up CT scan, which I got the results of today as well.  It’s a bad news/good news situation: the bad news is there was basically no shrinkage of my tumors, which is disappointing.  The good news is, there was no growth or spreading either.  So, things are pretty stable for the moment.  I will, as usual, focus on the good news.  Dr. Leal suggested I may be able to have a bit of radiation at some point down the road, to try to shrink the tumor that is pressing on one of the veins around my heart.  That would relieve a lot of the symptoms that are most bothersome – my persistent dry cough, the feeling of fullness I have in my throat, etc.  Aside from that, the plan is to stick with the two chemo drugs I’ve been getting, and follow the current protocol.


Because I’ve been tolerating chemo pretty well, and in my experience I have seen improvement in my symptoms already, this makes sense to me.  Compared to the mental image one has of having “chemo”, this has really kind of been easy for me.  There have been a few incidents that were less-than pleasant, but overall I have really not had any of the truly awful side-effects that one hears about.  Plus, there’s the chance that the tumors will still respond to this treatment in the coming rounds.  So, fingers crossed.



That’s about all for now – more soon…


3 thoughts on “Day One, Round Three.

  1. That is good news, bro. Heading in the right direction. Plz do the radon test, just so you know one way or the other if that’s an issue to be dealt with. Funding for any potential remediation could be crowd-sourced. 8^)


  2. Fingers and toes and eyes crossed.
    Glad to hear that you have seen improvement in your symptoms and that the tumors may still respond.
    Thinking about you every day
    Rock on dude.

  3. Sounds like the treatment is holding the cancer at bay. I so sorry you have to continue chemo 😦 Kev and I send our love and hugs…

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