Done…for now.

Finished the last day of round three yesterday, and am back on a similar post-treatment track as last time.  I have to finish off the study pills, and then start the fun times with antibiotics and the good ol’ shots for a week.  I’m feeling pretty good at the moment, despite it all, so no complaints!


Played a fun July 4th Happyoke last night down at the High Noon Saloon.  Decent crowd, considering our competition, and all were in good spirits.  Going to play at Milwaukee’s Summerfest tonight with Steely Dane (Madison’s premier Steely Dan tribute band) which will be a lot of fun.  Tomorrow, Gomers keyboardist Dave and drummer Gregg and I are playing some kind of festival in Evansville (I have no idea where it is, so don’t ask!) to cough up a few hours of musical stylings.  So, a busy but fun weekend rolls on!


A bit of welcome news arrived in the mail today; you may recall that I got some x-rays and a CT scan way back in March, none of which were covered by insurance.  Well, the financial assistance we applied for from St. Mary’s Hospital came through 100%.  THAT is a huge relief, let me tell you!  We certainly had to jump through a few paperwork hoops, especially considering the funky nature of my self-employment income, but it was all worth it.  Phew!


Onward and upward, I say.  More to come…


2 thoughts on “Done…for now.

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling good and having a fun weekend of shows- and great news about the tests being covered! My best to you and Jeanette!

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