Been a long time since I rock-n-rolled…

Well, all I can say is, sorry for being such a slacker!  At the end of my fourth and final round of chemo, I was kinda burnt out on the whole thing.  Plus, it was basically more of the same, if maybe a little more intense side-effects.  So I procrastinated myself into weeks or non-posting.  The post-round 4 scan showed little change again, with my tumors neither shrinking nor growing.  A bit of a disappointment, but there it is.  It was then decided that I would undergo three weeks of radiation, targeted at the mass surrounding my heart and the arteries and veins in that area.  I had been feeling congestion and some discomfort in that area, so it was hoped this would relieve that a good deal.


So, here I am, at the end of my second week of radiation, and I do believe it is helping quite a bit.  The discomfort and pain I had been feeling has gone, and my voice has improved a lot.  The whole area feels more open and relaxed than it has for quite awhile.  So far, I have not experienced very much in the way of side-effects.  A bit of fatigue, maybe a bit of nausea, but very controllable.  That’s about it.  One more week to go, and then a follow-up doc visit and scan in early October.  After that, I might just get a break from the medical circus for awhile.


Jeanette and I will be flying out to California the second week of October, to spend a week with my brother David and his family.  With luck, the smell/taste effects of all that chemo will have dissipated enough that I can start eating like a pig again.  I have lost a lot of weight over that last 6 months, and the only real solution is to consume mass quantities!  So I plan to eat everything in sight as much as possible.  Truth be told, I kind of like my new, skinny frame, but I also know that I need to gain back some weight so I have some protection against the wasting aspect of cancer.


My other brother, Doug, has very generously offered to build us a deck/ramp on the front of our house.  He has been working incredibly hard on it for several weeks now, with really stunning results.  It will give Jeanette an easy path in and out of the house for her new power wheelchair, and it will also give us a fantastic new place to hang out and entertain guests, something we have sorely lacked so far.  Here’s a picture of it as of today:

deck with planks


That’s about it for now.  Overall, I’m feeling pretty good, and I think the radiation is having a pronounced effect on my overall well-being.  Good news, I say!


More later…


2 thoughts on “Been a long time since I rock-n-rolled…

  1. I’m so glad you are feeling some relief from the pain and discomfort- hope that continues for you! Here’s to many delicious meals out in California!


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