Cycle 5 and after…

I’ll try to keep this post brief and to-the-point, as my recent posts have been a bit long-winded.

Went in last Wednesday for my fifth chemo cycle.  Things did not run quite as smoothly as usual this time, for some reason.  The chemo infusion center is undergoing some remodeling, so things were moved around and they were a bit backed up due to loss of some of their old space.  However, my treatment was only delayed by about an hour.  The lab staff had a hell of a time placing my IV line and I ended up, after three tries, with a nasty goose-egg on my left arm, which is now aging into a rather lurid blue bruise.  Bleah.

I ended up snoozing through most of my infusion, since Jeanette stayed home to nurse some post-trip fatigue from our trip up to Bayfield the previous weekend (which was super-fun, BTW!) and found that sleep is the best time-killer there is.  The afternoon ended up going by pretty quickly since I spent 80% of it in dream-land!

To top things off, my radiator blew up on the drive home.  I ended up limping the car back to our driveway by driving it a few blocks at a time and then parking and shutting it off for 10 minutes to cool down a bit before trying again.  I ended up spending a few hours that evening replacing the dang thing.  All is well now, but it was definitely NOT on my list of post-chemo recuperation activities!

I’m also finding that the heavy-duty anti-emetic they give me for the first three post-chemo days has some rather strongly unpleasant side-effects.  I’m past that for now, but still not quite 100%.  These first few post-treatment days can be the worst, naturally, so I’m trying to be smart and lay a bit low.  Some good news: my insurance is finally paying for my 7-days of Neupogen shots at home, so I took them home with me and won’t have to go to the hospital to have them administered.  That’s at least a small relief.

That’s about it for now.  It’s all the usual temp-taking and monitoring for the next couple of weeks, and then back in for the sixth and final cycle.  Will report more as warranted.


2 thoughts on “Cycle 5 and after…

  1. Cousin Gordon,
    Thank for your informative and positive messages. You and Jeanette seem to be navigating your whole process with courage, humility, and humor. Know that Jim and I are thinking of you and sending you thoughts for strength, energy, and love.

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