6th and final cycle completed. Vacation time!

Went in for my 6th and final cycle of chemo yesterday.  I’m happy to report that it went fairly without a hitch.  My blood work was hampered a bit by a less-than-perfect IV line, but they were able to get what they needed in the end.  The infusion went pretty smoothly, and I again chose the sleep-gambit to pass the time.  Very effective.  I find the whole process rather like flying across country with a couple of layovers.  Lots of time spent waiting for activity, a few delays to make things go slow, and finally I am released to my destination.  And a lot of staring at walls, waiting for things to happen.

My numbers looked relatively the same as they have been recently – a bit low on the red and white blood counts, but otherwise nothing of any concern.  There will be the followup scan and visit with Dr. Leal in three weeks, and then I’ll get a much-needed break for a good long while.  They say the effects of chemo are cumulative, and I can really feel that this time around.  My veins will need the break to recover, and today I am feeling an overall sense of not quite being 100% myself.  It’ll pass as the weeks wear on, I’m sure, but I’m looking forward to a long rest from it all.

Dr. Leal mentioned the next best option for future treatment was a new form of immunotherapy, where the immune system is “trained” to seek and destroy cancer cells.  She did say there were no current studies of this going on at UW Health, but that she anticipates something becoming available in the near future as this technique is being tried on more and various types of cancers.  She also mentioned that, because this would be considered not to be “standard of care,” that there might be a cost to it.  I figure I’ll cross that bridge when it comes, but I am very open to something that could hold a lot of promise.

Meanwhile, it’s time for a much-needed rest, and to enjoy the Spring and Summer for all they’re worth!  Our fab new deck is open at last, and we will be lazing around on it at every opportunity.  The yard is budding out, and I plan to let it mostly go au naturel this year, save for mowing and maybe a little weed control.  I’ll report the results of the coming scan and meeting, but for now, I’ll see y’all in the funny papers!


3 thoughts on “6th and final cycle completed. Vacation time!

  1. Gordon…

    Thank you again for sharing your personal experiences as you go through this medical adventure. You have an amazing ability to share your experiences via wonderful analogies. This time I loved how you compared your experience to a cross country flight. Your vision helps me come closer to your journey…I appreciate your candor.

    I do hope that your break from chemo brings you the space to breathe in the views and smells from your backyard deck.

    Your cousin,

  2. As always you have such a great way with words. Thanks for the update. Let’s brunch it up again soon. I love spending time with you and Jeanette. Such the power couple. Love you both!

  3. Hang in there Gordon. Live for the day, that’s all you have anyways. I’m so glad your done with the chemo.
    Love You ,

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