Follow-up scan and meeting…

I had my follow-up CT scan yesterday and my meeting with Dr. Leal today, as this round of chemo finally winds down.  Once again, all the scans showed 100% stable disease, with no advancement of existing tumors and no new activity anywhere.  Certainly good news!  It’s been a bit of a rough ride for the past several weeks, due to the two extra cycles of chemo I received and the cumulative nature of the side-effects, but I still believe it was worth it.  Now I can look forward to a long period of recuperation, sorely needed.

Dr. Leal briefly discussed some new studies I may be able to participate in down the road, but didn’t give me any real new information so I won’t bother reiterating them as they have been mentioned in previous posts.  I’ll have another scan done in 8 weeks, and then, presumably, we will discuss next steps.

So, no shocking revelations this time around, just confirmation of what is already known, and the reassurance of continuing clear scans.  I’ll be ignoring this blog for quite awhile.  However, if anyone has specific questions you can ask me via the comments section here, as I will get a notification when a comment is left.  My electronic door is always open!

That’s it for now – will report again in 8 weeks.


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